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Distance Healing the world

We're helping to bring the outcomes that nobody else can.

The truth is that All mental health issues are the result of demonic interference.

This is the reason that conventional treatments, like rehab and medication yield unsatisfactory results. They are working from the wrong base paradigm. They are almost unaware.

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Though I do want you to be aware that I am using a treatment that is unheard of in this industry. Just about everything you get medicated for is what I treat.


Before, I wasn’t in a good place. Depressed, confused, Unloved. I’ve got some confidence, lots of sunshine in my life [now]. I have a lot more space in my head…more free. Alobar is fun and easy to work with. Best decision I’ve made in my life!!



I have never heard all of this esoteric stuff put so clearly and simply in my life. He talks like a normal person and doesn’t use hippy jargon. Alobar makes it all really easy to understand. You can’t go wrong.



I’m not sure I would have had the conviction to leave the situation if it wasn’t for your help and I am immensely grateful for that and everything you have done for me. You really are incredible at what you do. Empowering!



Before I met Alobar, my life was a confusing mess. I do not recognize the person I am anymore. The skills I learned from Alobar make the world my oyster.


Mental Health

The results that our team produces in this arena are staggering. I work together with some Incredible practitioners.

I am blessed to be working with them. We get results that most professionals could only dream of.

We know what we are doing, we are very good and we are leaders in this field. I doubt there is a team with more experience in this field on the planet.

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