Hi, I’m Alobar Jones and I manage a team of incredible therapists to bring the outcomes that nobody else can. These are a sample of the things we do:

1. I train excellent astral travellers and healers.

2. I bring peace and tranquillity to  a troubled mind

3. I help the (deeply) mentally ill return to normality

4. I support incurable medical problems



I’m not sure I would have had the conviction to leave the situation if it wasn’t for your help and I am immensely grateful for that and everything you have done for me. You really are incredible at what you do. Empowering!


I have never heard all of this esoteric stuff put so clearly and simply in my life. He talks like a normal person and doesn’t use hippy jargon. Alobar makes it all really easy to understand. You can’t go wrong.


Before, I wasn’t in a good place. Depressed, confused, Unloved. I’ve got some confidence, lots of sunshine in my life [now]. I have a lot more space in my head…more free. Alobar is fun and easy to work with. Best decision I’ve made in my life!!


Before I met Alobar, my life was a confusing mess. I do not recognize the person I am anymore. The skills I learned from Alobar make the world my oyster.